Partners & Achievements 


COA accreditation

We are very pleased to announce that Chitter Chatter P.C. has achieved national accreditation through the Council on Accreditation (COA).

This accreditation is a tremendous achievement that recognizes Chitter Chatter P.C. as a provider that continues to successfully apply high-performance standards with all services provided.

Chitter Chatter P.C. provides services accredited such as Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech, and Early-On.

This accreditation represents all the dedication and hard work that the team here at Chitter Chatter provides. It is truly an honor and we would like to thank our team for making this achievement possible. 

Collaboration with families

Chitter Chatter P.C is humbled by the praise of past families and staff members. The growth of the child is dependent on the collaboration and communication with each team member including the front desk staff, clinicians, technicians, and especially the parents/guardians that cares and knows their child best. The highest progress and the best prognosis is due to the family’s open communication and Chitter Chatter’s effort to bring out the best in every child.The child will be treated one-on-one however the collaboration will be dynamic throughout the other disciplines. Intercommunication between the child’s area(s) of need between interdisciplinary fields creates a diverse and holistic approach to therapy. The collaboration between families increases carry over success from clinic to home. The treating discipline may reach out for support and consultation to better target the goals of the child. Collaboration may include but not limited to ABA, Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Early On, School Services, and other services that the child may have coming into the center. 


partnered with Capella University

Chitter Chatter P.C., is partnered with universities to offer field work for staff members interested in pursuing their certification and licensing as a behavior analyst. The practicum program staff member will be a part of the ABA process with a current behavior analyst in regards to using the latest behavioral technologies including equivalence based instruction and personalized systems that ensure optimal instruction and retention. The staff member in the practicum program will be pursuing the behavior analysts career.  The practicum program member will be pursuing topics including behavior analysis basics, curriculum design and instruction, research design, and organizational behavior management. The practicum program member at the completion of fieldwork will have completed a portfolio of their work including redacted treatment/behavior intervention plans, an original research publication, and idiographic functional assessment protocols. The practicum program offers students who are passionate about meeting the child where they are by incorporating what they learned as well as collaborating with mentors and other professionals.