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Practicum Experience at Chitter Chatter

At Chitter Chatter, we extend an invitation to ABA students for an informative and enriching
fieldwork experience that exceeds conventional learning. Our program fosters an environment
where students are not only observers but active participants in an individual learning journey.

Unlocking Potential

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)
and Child-Led ABA Therapy

Chitter Chatter's ABA Program shines brightly due to its unwavering commitment to Natural
Environment Teaching (NET) and child-led ABA therapy. Through this approach, our students
adopt meaningful connections, enabling impactful learning encounters that extend beyond the
boundaries of a clinical setting.
At Chitter Chatter, we've elevated our fieldwork initiative to promote remarkable educational
journeys for ABA students. We don't just inform knowledge; we equip students with the tools
required to influence positive and transformative change in the realm of applied behavior

Guided Transformation


Tailored Supervision: Students are scheduled for weekly meetings with their assigned fieldwork
supervisor, guaranteeing tailored support and guidance throughout their fieldwork experience.

Collaborative Group Learning: Students will participate in weekly group meetings designed for
open discussions, addressing questions, exploring weekly topics, and collaborating on project

Fieldwork Hours: We ensure that students receive compensation for their fieldwork hours,
covering both restricted and unrestricted hours. This acknowledges the dedication and
commitment students invest in their professional growth and hands-on experience.

Exam Preparation: Enter the BCBA/BCaBA Exam with confidence. We equip you with the
necessary tools to confidently prepare for the exam, ensuring your readiness. Additionally, our
program facilitates direct communication with supervisors, enabling you to seek guidance and
ask questions whenever needed.


Mark your calendar

Chitter chatter students opportunities program schedual
Chitter chatter students opportunities program schedual
Chitter chatter students opportunities program schedual
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