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Chitter Chatter offers onsite internship opportunities for occupational therapists.  The goal is to provide graduate students with extensive practical and clinical experiences.  These experiences provide a valuable framework for applying and expanding on Evidence Based Practices learned.

Unlocking Potential

Interns will grow their clinical skills and improve their professional characteristics and communication skills which are all necessary to become an independent occupational therapist.

Chitter Chatter clinical educators abide by the AOTA guidelines for internship requirements while also considering each university’s expectations and affiliations.  Clinical educators have the unique opportunity to reinforce and model the importance of the Code of Ethics to their student clinicians. 


Guided Transformation

The clinical educator provides supervision which is commensurate with the student's knowledge, skills, and experience.  Within the scope of occupational therapy practice, supervision is a process aimed at ensuring the safe and effective delivery of occupational therapy services and fostering professional competence and professional development. In addition, supervision is viewed as a cooperative process in which both parties participate in a joint effort to establish, maintain, and/or elevate competence and performance. The supervisory relationship and supervisory process provide education and support, foster growth and development, promote effective utilization of resources, and encourage creativity and innovation.  The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2020, Vol. 74

Chitter Chatter has developed an internship curriculum to foster the growth of graduate interns including orientation, shadowing opportunities, training on EMR, documentation and Evidence based policies and procedures. Objectives include improving the student’s assessment skills, intervention skills, interpersonal and professional communication skills, in addition to caseload management skills. They will also have the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration with other clinical team members on site.



  • The OT student who is currently enrolled in an accredited occupational therapy program

  • The student’s University has completed an affiliation with Chitter Chatter for internship partnership

  • The OT student is available for on site internship and has completed at least one year of graduate school

The clinical educator will then conduct an interview to determine whether the applicant is a good candidate for our clinic.  Schedule will be discussed with the clinical educator.

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