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The procedure to verify coverage and to apply for services depends on the carrier and the county. Listed below are steps for each carrier:

Private Insurance - Wayne county and Monroe county follows the policy for the guardian to call the Chitter Chatter office requesting any of the following services: ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. The guardian will share the child’s area of need for services. The staff member will request the policy holder’s information, then follow up if the services are covered and how to proceed. The information requested includes: Guardian’s full name, phone number, child’s full name and date of birth, insurance card number including alpha prefix, address and zip code. Guardian will need to attain a prescription for desired services prior to starting services. 


CMH in Monroe - The guardian will call Monroe County Mental Health (MCMH) at 734-243-7340. From there a Supports Coordinator will be assigned and the Supports Coordinator will ask who you would like as a service provider. Once choosing Chitter Chatter, MCMH will contact Chitter Chatter directly and ask if there is space available. Chitter Chatter will then accept or place the case on a waiting list until authorization is approved for the initial assessment and individual services such as ABA, OT, and PT.


CMH in Wayne - The guardian will call to schedule an autism evaluation and be assigned a Support Coordinator at 1-800-241-4949. The guardian must mention they want Chitter Chatter to do the evaluation if that is their preference. From there the Support Coordinator will communicate about the evaluation and the child will be scheduled on Chitter Chatter’s calendar. After the evaluation, the family will be called to schedule a behavior assessment if their child qualifies for services. 

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